4 Reasons NOT to use shampoo with sulphates

You've probably heard a lot about sulphates in shampoos but do you know what they are and what they do?

Let's keep it simple, sulphates are chemicals used in many household cleaning products and they're used in shampoos to create lather or bubbles. While they're  very effective when it comes to removing grease and oil, they're not so great for your hair. The problem is that sulphates are too harsh for your hair and skin.

1. Sulphates can strip out colour from colour treated hair.

2. Sulphates can cause hair frizz. When they make contact with your hair, they create a negative electrical charge which can create frizz after shampooing.

3. Sulphates can cause hair breakage. They can strip out the natural oil needed to keep your hair strong and healthy.

4. Sulphates can cause skin irritation. They can be harsh on your skin and can cause irritation on the scalp, neck, shoulders and back.

Now for the good news... 

Harry Green has created a range of sulphate free shampoos that lather and bubble naturally. We use an extract derived from coconuts to create a luxurious lather without any harsh chemicals. Browse our shampoo menu and select the shampoo that suits your hair type.