Switch your team from shaving cream to gel

Love it or hate it, shaving is an essential step in the daily grind for most men. This can lead to irritation, razor burns and nicks, especially on dry and sensitive skin. What many don't know is that a shaving gel better protects the face from the abrasiveness of a razor.

One reason for this is that shaving cream comes in a can and the aerosol has a tendency to dry out and irritate skin. It's also a battle for your razor blade which can become clogged after just a pass or two across your face. This means you have to rinse your razor more and taking precious morning minutes to get the job done.

Benefits of shaving gel:

. Shaving gel is made for sensitive skin because it sits on the surface and creates  a moisture barrier between you skin and the razor, protecting you from the irritation razors can cause.

. Shave gel is clear so you can see where your're driving. This means you get the result you want the first time rather than passing over the same section twice, avoiding skin irritation and taking less time to shave.

. Shave gel is thin which means less product on your razor, leaving it unclogged and less times you need to rinse.

. Harry Green shave gel is moisturising and organic, with soothing Aloe Vera and Oak Moss to moisturise your skin, reducing skin irritation.

For a faster, smoother and hydrating shave try Harry Green Aloe Vera and Oak Moss shave gel.