The RIGHT way to wash your hair

A great 'do starts under the shower. From the temperature of the water to the products you use. Let's keep it simple so you can make the most of your time.

1.   Use WARM water, never HOT water

Avoid hot water at all costs; hot water dries out skin and hair. Hot water also opens the hair cuticle creating frizz. If you suffer from frizz prone hair you may want to use cool water.

2.   Rinse

Before you reach for the shampoo bottle, thoroughly rinse your hair under running water for 30 seconds. You need to give the water enough time to start rinsing out some of the product residue and prep your hair for shampoo.

3.   Lather twice

This isn't a gimmick used by shampoo companies to sell more product. The first wash removes product build up and residue. The second wash gets down to the job of cleaning your hair. Think of it like washing a shirt. If your shirt is muddy and stained, you soak it first, you don't just throw it in the washing machine.

If your hair is very grimy, you may need to give it a third lather. If you are using a chemical free shampoo this will not harm your hair.

Rinse thoroughly, really make sure all of your shampoo has been removed.

4.   Massage

Don't just slap on shampoo haphazardly. Work it in with your fingertips, in circular motions, starting at the hairline and moving down to the nape of your neck. Massaging makes for a great clean as well as stimulating your scalp for faster, healthy hair growth. (it feels great too!)

5.  Condition

The driest and oldest hair on your head is on the ends, this is where your hair really needs conditioner most. Work your conditioner through the ends if your hair first, leave it for a minute or two, then continue working the conditioner through the mid sections of your hair. The roots of your hair don't need much, if any, conditioner. If your hair is dry at the roots you can work your conditioner through. If you suffer from an oily scalp, do not use conditioner at the root section of your hair.

Rinse thoroughly with warm to cool water.

6.   Product

Although this is the last step, it is the most important. There is no point in washing your hair correctly if you are using a harsh shampoo and conditioner. You wouldn't wash you cashmere jumper in dish washing detergent , so don't wash your hair with it!

Invest in yourself. Always use quality products without harsh chemicals, sulphates and silicone.

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