Why does blonde hair turn to brass?

Why does blonde hair turn to brass?

Blonde hair can be challenging, even when you're born with it. You pay a small fortune to get the blonde hue you love, then after a while, your locks turn brassy and yellow. Sound familiar?

There are several possible causes for this colour change, but let's focus on the basics:

1. Blonde hair is extremely porous, that is, it absorbs everything like a sponge. And it will slup up basically everything it's exposed to including chlorine, pollution, hair styling chemicals and the sun. We're all familiar with blonde hair that's turned green from chlorine and sun and suspect it's not the look anyone's going for.

2. The toner has washed away. Toner is the sheer colour overlay used to curb brassiness and create your desired blonde hue. Once it washes away, you need to take action to get it back to its former glory.

Taking action (what to do)

1. Use a  toning shampoo and conditioner. The violet colour cancels out brassy tones and adds shine to your tresses. You can use it as needed ranging from every wash, to once a week. It's a lifesaver for travelling or when you can't make it to the hairdresser.

2. Make sure your shampoo is sulphate free. Sulphates clean hair well however they also strip the natural oils from the hair leaving it dry and susceptible to breakage. They also wash away the toner in your hair.

Blitzing the brass.

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