Why is Silicone BAD for hair?

Curls not lasting the day? Hair feeling frizzy and dry? Hair breakage? Blame the silicone.

The majority of hair shampoos and conditioners these days contain silicone. Why? Because it makes your hair feel silky and shiny. 

The truth is, it's not your mane that's silky and shiny, it's the plastic coating of silicone covering your hair strands.

To keep it simple, silicone coats and basically suffocates the hair, preventing nutrients and moisture from penetrating the hair shaft.

Silicone is NOT water soluble, that means the silicone 'varnish' does not rinse away.

Over time silicone builds up on your tresses leaving them dry and brittle, eventually causing frizz and breakage - eek!

If your doing the right thing using leave in treatments and masks, chances are they are not going to be working if you are using them alongside silicone-based shampoos and conditioners.

The solution is simple, STOP using silicone based hair care.

Harry Green hair products are all silicone free so you can wash your hair without any residue or coating left behind.

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