Lisa, Brighton Vic, Australia

Your blonde shampoo and conditioner are lock down lifesavers. I haven't been able to get to the hairdresser for 8 weeks and my blonde looks really good. I must also add, the condition of my hair has improved dramatically.


Melissa, Malvern Vic, Australia

My friend could never grow her hair and started using Harry Green. Her hair is now growing for the first time in years. I'm using Harry Green too now and I cannot believe what a difference your hair products make, they really do work.


Rochelle, Surry Hills NSW, Australia

I started using the moisture shampoo, conditioner and hydrate spray in April and my hair has grown 10 cm in 4 months. I have never been able to grow my hair as it was always breaking. I will be purchasing the 1 litre bottles in future.


Susan, Taringa Qld, Australia

I'm totally addicted to your Argan oil, it's so light and smells amazing!!!


Marissa, Halls Head WA, Australia

Your volume powder is fantastic. I use it as a dry shampoo also. My hair gets flat and limp during the day and the powder gives it great body. I have 2 bottles, one in my bag and one at home.


Bryan, Edgecliff NSW, Australia

I received the shave gel and peppermint shampoo as a gift now I'm totally hooked. Best shave ever, super smooth, no rash. The shampoo feels incredible.


Steph, Bondi NSW, Australia

Your blonde shampoo & conditioner is fantastic. My hair gets damaged from bleaching and your shampoo & conditioner have made a huge difference keeping my blonde fresh and my hair strong. All my friends have started using it too and love it.


Nikki, Mt. Eliza Vic, Australia

I'm a hair product junkie, I have used everything. Your strength shampoo/conditioner actually works!! My hair has never looked so great.


Bryan, Bentleigh Vic, Australia

Shave gel is the best.


Harry, Elsternwick Vic, Australia

I had to try your peppermint shampoo as it's obviously named after me. Now I can't stop using it.


Trish, East Brisbane QLD Australia

I've got the lot! Shampoo/conditioner, hydrate spray, mask and Argan oil. It's perfect for hot weather and humidity. My hair thanks you so much.


Eliza, Hoppers Crossing Vic, Australia

I purchased your shampoo and conditioner as I'm all for cruelty free products. I can't believe how great it is, it really works.


Matt, Eaton WA, Australia

My girlfriend gave me the peppermint shampoo and boost powder, yes I have thinning hair. I've been using it for 4 weeks and my hair is actually getting thicker. The boost powder is amazing, I use it every day just to fill out my thin spots, its so light you don't notice it. I've put my brothers on to it too. If my hair keeps growing I won't need it any more.


Brigette, Hawthorn Vic, Australia

I'm in love with this product! The Moisturising Conditioner saved my dry ends and really rejuvenated my hair. I can't stop recommending it to friends and family. 5 stars!


 Margie, Kirribilli NSW, Australia

Your Blonde Shampoo/Conditioner saved my hair colour when I was away, the brass washed away, amazing!!


Mark, South Yarra Vic, Australia

The shave gel is brilliant. My skin dryness has cleared and looks great, my shave has never been so smooth.


Sarah, Kiribilli NSW, Australia

My hair has grown 3 cm and I have only been using your products for 8 weeks. I love them and so do my friends.


Andrew, Indooroopilli Qld, Australia

Shave gel is a winner !!!


India, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

The blonde shampoo and conditioner works amazingly, refreshes the colour so nicely and leaves my hair feeling amazing. Also bought the cleanse shampoo for days in between and makes my hair feel fantastic.


Holly, Toorak, Victoria, Australia

Amazing hair products...I use the shampoo & conditioner of Harry Green and makes my hair super silky. Bonus that it doesn’t frizz my thick hair! Affordable & works well and it’s a bonus that it is environmentally friendly! Highly recommend...5 stars!


Darcy, Brighton, Victoria, Australia

Since abandoning Gillette and instead opting for Harry Green’s natural, vegan shave gel, I have not had a single bump or scratch on my neck after shaving. I used to be covered in cuts, now my skin is smooth and refreshed after a shave. Harry - you’ve saved me! Can’t wait to try out your hair products.



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